June 12, 2017 – Toronto, ON  – XPOWER Canada Pet Products made its debut at this year's Toronto Ontario Grooming Show (TOGS). Held at the Paws Way in Toronto, this 3 day event from June 10-12, 2017 brought out some of the top groomers in Canada.

XPOWER Canada and Jerry Cheng of XPOWER USA collaborated together and made their mark in the industry. XPOWER CANADA offers a complete line of hand-held force pet dryers for both Home and Professional Groomers with revolutionary state-of-the-technology. XPOWER CANADA also offers Stand Pet Dryers and Cage Dryers for the professional market to help groomers work hands-free and provide multi-cage drying. Groomers were curious to gather knowledge and information about the Pet Dryers and accessories. Erica Jensen a groomer stated that, ‘It is great because until now there hasn’t been any outlet in Canada to buy commercial grade dryers. Now there is an opportunity to buy quality products.’ 

IPS is excited to announce its partnership with XPOWER Manufacturing Inc. located in San Gabriel, CA, USA as their exclusive master distributor for XPOWER CANADA in Canada. Jenn de Costa represented IPS at the show. To see our selection of XPOWER Pet Products, browse the XPOWER Pet Products.

About TOGS

The professional pet grooming community shares a deep passion for helping animals, a warm camaraderie, and a desire to move the pet grooming profession forward. This year marks the 4th annual pet grooming show. The show offers support with educational seminars, competition, certifications, shopping and networking. For more information on TOGS visit http://togroomingshow.com/

About International Power Systems

IPS is a distributor for a number of top branded products primarily in the engine and small equipment distribution business. IPS aggressively pursues the acquisition of product lines and companies that complement and enhance current and new market opportunities. IPS staff and management continue to ensure that satisfied dealers supported by premium products remain the leading priority in all facets of the organization. For more information about IPS products and services please visit www.ipspower.com