IPS is proud to announce its partnership with OREC Japan as their exclusive distributor in Canada. OREC has been building innovative and reliable outdoor power equipment to fit customers' changing needs since 1948. OREC has a long-standing reputation in Europe and Asia for building high-quality landscaping equipment and providing the highest level of service. In 2010, their first North American presence was established as OREC America, and now IPS is pleased to bring this exceptional line of professional landscaping equipment to Canada as well.

Now Available in Canada:



walk behind snow plow snowbull 216 669x573

Cyclone Flail Mower, Track

walk behind flail mower brush mower 116 669x573

Cyclone Flail Mower, Wheel

walk behind flail mower brush mower wheel 216 669x573

Brush Rover

Riding Brush Mower Brush Rover 669x573

Samurai Mower, Hydro

walk behind samurai mower brush mower 1 669x573

Trailblazer Transporter

trailblazer transporter 1 669x573


rear tine garden tiller gardenquake 2 669x573

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