Honda GX50 Ontario

Honda's brand new GX50 model is now available for power equipment manufacturers in Ontario!

This expansion of Honda’s lineup of 360-degree-inclinable mini-four stroke engines promises more power and class-leading performance in a lightweight package for demanding applications.

Joining the Honda GX25 and Honda GX35, the new GX50 incorporates a higher displacement, making it a superb power match for demanding rental, industrial, construction, and professional landscape applications.


User Comfort Paired with Top-Class Performance

The GX50 is a general-purpose engine with an output that exceeds expectations, considering its compact, lightweight design and fuel efficiency. This mini-engine weighs only 10.4 lbs. but has the muscle to output ~1.47kW (~1.97 horsepower).

Designed for optimal user comfort, the GX50 is lighter, quieter and vibrates less in comparison to a two-stroke engine. An inner protector between the muffler and the outer cover has been added to reduce noise levels for quieter operation. The unit is also equipped with an automatic decompressor, which reduces the pulling force on the recoil rope, making the engine easy to start.

Additionally, the engine is 360-degrees inclinable, opening the possibility of operating
and storing the engine in any position. This makes the GX50 an ideal fit for a wide
range of power products, such as brush cutters, concrete screeds, post drivers and winches.   

Honda GX50 Specifications IPS Distributor Ontario


How Honda Changed the Industry

Honda has been constructing mini-four stroke engines for more than 20 years. Their models GX22 and GX31 were the first of their kind to be used to power handheld power equipment.  

In a market previously dominated by two-stroke engines, Honda changed the industry with the first 360-degree inclinable four-stroke model. The company's successful product development continues to this day.


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