Now available in Canada, exclusively distributed by IPS - the Maddog Portable Mixing System

Why Maddog?

The Maddog is a lightweight, durable mixing system that can quickly and efficiently mix concrete, mortar, grout, and stucco with water. The patent-pending integrated system includes specialized blades matched with a contoured tub to consistently mix products quickly and precisely. Easy to use and easy to clean, it is great for small to medium sized jobs for both contractors and DIYers alike.

  • Mix up to 120lbs of material in about 2-3 minutes
  • Make small batches at point-of-use
  • Simple one-person operation
  • Easy to clean - cleans up in about 2-3 minutes
  • Lightweight - system weighs approximately 40 lbs
  • Mix: Quickrete and aggregate for concrete and mortar mixes; premixed concrete and mortar mixes like SACRETE products; tile setting mortar and grouts; plaster mixes like stucco, interior plaster, and gypsum; and more!

Maddog is a great alternative to hard-to-transport drum mixers, and it will outperform the inconsistent mixing and small volume capacities of a paddle mixer!

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IPS is proud to announce its partnership with OREC Japan as their exclusive distributor in Canada. OREC has been building innovative and reliable outdoor power equipment to fit customers' changing needs since 1948. OREC has a long-standing reputation in Europe and Asia for building high-quality landscaping equipment and providing the highest level of service. In 2010, their first North American presence was established as OREC America, and now IPS is pleased to bring this exceptional line of professional landscaping equipment to Canada as well.

July, 15, 2017 - Exeter, ON - IPS is proud to be a sponsor of Hailey McNicol, #17 Motorsports Team. 11-year-old Hailey does what she loves to do and that is racing. Hailey brings with her 4 years of driving experience in the Jr B. class and this year will be driving in the Jr. A class at the Grand Bend Speedway.



3JH40 - World's smallest common rail inboard marine diesel engine wins 2018 Innovation Award



The Yanmar Marine 3JH40 has won the 2018 Miami International Boat Show innovation Award for the Inboard Engine category! The 3JH40 is the world's smallest common rail inboard marine diesel engine in displacement, dimensions, and weight. Find out more information about this innovative new engine at Yanmar Marine.



June 12, 2017 – Toronto, ON  – XPOWER Canada Pet Products made its debut at this year's Toronto Ontario Grooming Show (TOGS). Held at the Paws Way in Toronto, this 3 day event from June 10-12, 2017 brought out some of the top groomers in Canada.

XPOWER Canada and Jerry Cheng of XPOWER USA collaborated together and made their mark in the industry. XPOWER CANADA offers a complete line of hand-held force pet dryers for both Home and Professional Groomers with revolutionary state-of-the-technology. XPOWER CANADA also offers Stand Pet Dryers and Cage Dryers for the professional market to help groomers work hands-free and provide multi-cage drying. Groomers were curious to gather knowledge and information about the Pet Dryers and accessories. Erica Jensen a groomer stated that, ‘It is great because until now there hasn’t been any outlet in Canada to buy commercial grade dryers. Now there is an opportunity to buy quality products.’