Honda Co-op Funding Program

Have a great advertising idea that features Honda engines? Would you like to brand your shop and staff with the best engine manufacturer in the world?

We can help!

All Honda Registered Service Dealers are eligible to receive funding from Honda's Co-op Funding Program on pre-approved advertising and marketing initiatives. Eligible items include advertising (flyers, online & print publications, radio, and direct mail), branded apparel, signage, and event participation. We also have a selection of branded merchandise that dealers can purchase at special pricing to assist you in your advertising efforts. 



Contact us at to find out how you may be eligible for co-op funding. It's just one more perk to being part of the Honda Team!


New Product Development Program

Honda Canada and IPS are constantly working with manufacturers who believe in producing reliable, quality equipment. IPS has a dedicated OEM Specialist who works with each manufacturer individually to ensure their product requirements are fulfilled. 

And as we make sure product is in your hands when you need it, Honda's engineering team is always developing engines to suit the needs of OEMs who want to equip their products with the best engine on the market.

If you are an OEM currently testing a new product, please contact us to see how you may be eligible to participate in the New Product Development Program.To assist OEMs during the engine-matching process, Honda has created the New Product Development Program to help reduce costs during the prototype and development phase. Technical and engineering support is available along with the assitance of IPS' OEM Specialist to help guide you through the process.



Honda Warranty Procedures


Warranty Procedures for Honda Registered Service Dealers

End Users Please Note: the procedure and forms below are for Registered Service Dealers only. If you have a problem with your Honda-powered product, please take it to a local Registered Service Dealer and they will be pleased to serve you. Use our Dealer Locator to find a Honda RSD in Ontario.

Regsitered Service Dealers should be aware that Honda offers global warranty coverage for Honda engines as stand-alone or as a component on a Non-Honda manufactured product. Due to the global warranty, there are engines in Canada that originate from other markets.

A customer should never be refused Warranty or non-Warranty repair work on a Honda engine because it originated from another country.

How to Submit a Honda Warranty Parts & Labour Claim:

The following information provides instructions on how to submit a Honda warranty claim, downloadable claim forms, and general items that are not covered under warranty. Standard warranty on most general purpose Honda engines is 3 years for engines purchased after July 31, 2011. Engines purchased prior to August 1, 2011 carry a 2 year warranty.

  1. Please read the Distributor’s Warranty Form to find out what is covered.
  2. Make sure there are NO signs of poor/improper maintenance, low oil, expired oil, or human error.
  3. Fill out the Honda Engines Warranty Claim Form in full. All fields must be completed or the warranty cannot be processed. Please email the completed form to be processed for credit. Credits will be issued on your account after a minimum of 10 business days following receipt of the completed claim form and other required information. This process may take longer, depending on the nature of the claim and/or the quality of information received with the claim.
  4. Retain a copy of the bill of sale for any unit that comes in for warranty service repair.
  5. Hold & tag any replaced parts for a minimum of 6 months after receiving your warranty credit. Any requests for return of parts that cannot be fulfilled will result in a reversal of the warranty credit.

Full seizures, engine replacement possibilities, intensive labour claims:

If you feel your unit is in need of replacement or the repair cost will outweigh the replacement cost, you must fill out the General Purpose Engine Failure Anaysis for pre-approval. Honda will need detailed and CLEAR photos of the damage & other components of the engine before they can consider the engine for approval.

Universally Denied Claims:

Dealers should be aware of general items that are not covered by Honda's global warranty policy. Please ensure that customers are well informed about items not covered under warranty, and how to properly take care of their units to ensure optimal performance.

  • Carburetors are considered a "wear & tear" item and are usually not covered 
  • Insufficient lubrication is not a manufacturer’s defect and usually leads to a rejected claim
  • Overheating of pistons (due to a lack of lubrication) usually indicates poor ventilation or dirt ingestion through the filter. These claims are usually denied.
  • Unidentified Defect – it is important when making a claim to know what caused the initial problem; if the defect is not determined, the repair cannot be approved

Download Warranty Forms:

Honda Engines Claim Warranty Form

Honda Engines Distributor's Warranty

General Purpose Engine Failure Anaysis

To submit your claim, please scan and email the completed forms with the description of the damages and initial problem along with the required photos to our warranty department at For any additional questions or concerns, please contact us by email or by telephone at 905-829-2140 ext. 225.


Note: The warranty claim process cannot begin before receipt of the information outlined above.


Why Choose Honda Parts?

Maintaining and servicing your engines with Genuine Honda Parts ensures that your unit will work just like it did when it left the factory. Honda parts are made with premium quality materials, and endure rigorous quality control to provide optimal performance specifically designed for Honda engines. As a Honda Engines Distributor, we have access to thousands of Genuine Honda Parts and make it our priority to ensure our inventory carries a large selection of fast-moving items. Search and order your part in our Parts Catalogue, or find the part you need in our Quick Reference Chart below. 

Parts Catalog

Quick Reference Parts Guide

Can't find the part number you're looking for? Search on Honda's Website to find the part you need.


Technical Information

One of the advantages of being an RSD is having access to a great selection of resources to troubleshoot and maintain your Honda engine. Browse through our information to find answers for general technical questions, and make sure to download the maintenance tips below to help your customer care for their engine.

General "How To":


Check Sheets & Engine Adjustment Information:

Can't find what you're looking for? Check out these Honda websites for more information.

Parts & Manuals

Honda Engines Website

Maitenance & Repair Information

Honda Cssportal